Daryl Ehrman, Certified Nutritionist

My name is Daryl, a Registered Dietitian and passionate food lover. I am currently based on Croatia. I believe that cooking is a love language, a way to bring people together and share my passion for great food. On this site, I’ll be sharing a variety of mouth-watering recipes and insightful videos. In these you can find a variety of tips and tricks to boost your everyday cooking experience. Want to make the most of the ingredients in your pantry? Do you want to learn more about food and its influence on your health? Check out my consultation page and let’s connect! My goal is to inspire you to cook more and experience the joy of creating delectable meals that support your well being.

And there’s more to me than just cooking! When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me exploring the beautiful Croatian countryside on my bike, traveling to new destinations, enjoying music and films, or spending quality time with my lovely wife and our cats. Learning more about cooking; techniques and ingredients has been always a hobby of mine as well as what motivated me to get into nutrition. 

Keep reading to find inspiration and enhance your cooking skills for all to enjoy!

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